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About Top- Bengal Kittens and Our Kittens

Our Team started showing and breeding Bengal Kitten’s in 2000. We are best breeders of all time . Our aim from the start has been and still is to breed soundness and good temperaments into our cats. We are not an overly large Kennel and breed for Quality not Quantity. We breed mainly for sale and adoption as pets but do have cats for sometimes for show. Overseas and Interstate inquiries are most welcome. Here we breed for the love of the breed only. We strive to improve the Breed, occasionally we have Cats that are suitable for showing. Our Kittens go to their new homes from 10 and 11 weeks onward after we have decided which are suitable for new homes. Our Cats are only sold with papers Our Kennel Prefix means a lot to us and we value our honesty and integrity. Bengals are known to go through many changes while growing. What might be a beautiful baby could change while growing, and vice versa contact us for more about us.

I am a full-time breeder, so I’m constantly at home form my babies. Previously I was breeding a different breed of cats, but with the arrival of my first child, I stopped the breeding business to focus on my family. Today, my children are old enough, and they have become important partners in the socialization of our kittens. They regularly handle the kittens and stimulate them to prevent them from leaving our house with anxiety problems.

I am passionate about the Bengals and the Savannahs. I find their looks and temperament exceptional. It is my pleasure to offer all future buyers of Bengals high-quality kittens with guarantees and to offer a service which, I hope, will satisfy the most demanding customers. Given the growing demand for this breed of cats, our breeding is growing with the arrival of new females carefully selected in recent years. Several of them are imported from abroad to ensure a varied genealogy and target a type of Bengal particularly popular with selective buyers. We need to prioritize the quality of life of our cats as well as impeccable service for our customers.

We are a cageless cattery so our Bengal cats receive constant human interaction, personal care, lots of love and live within the heart of our family. Their happiness is paramount and we feel honoured to share our home with such magnificent cats. This sets us apart from most Bengal catteries, whose Bengals do live outside, and is evidenced in the natures of the kittens we produce. We have decided to remain a smaller cattery, despite our success, as we aim to focus on the quality rather than the quantity of our kittens, meaning each and every kitten is truly special. We only breed Bengals, and are experts in our field. We take huge pride in our Bengal breeding program and have a constant appetite and enthusiasm to keep researching and learning about this remarkable breed, so are always raising the barre in terms of what we do and achieve here.


The Bengal cat is a modern breed of domestic cat, created in 1963 by Jean S Mill who begun crossing the Asian Leopard Cat, native to South Asia, with domestic cats. Now Bengal cats are purely bred to other Bengals and it is Bengals from the fourth generation onwards that are kept as domestic pets. It is also from this generation onwards that they have the character of a domestic cats, but still retain their wild look. Today, experienced breeders from around the world have taken on the mission of carrying on Jean Mill’s work of producing loving domestic Bengal cats that just happen to look like a wild cat in your living room! Here at Angeldust, we are proud to carry on this important work of continuing to improve the Bengal breed.


The Bengal cat is most noticed for it’s wild cat markings, similar to it’s large cousins, the leopard, ocelot and Jaguar. In Bengals these markings can come in a marbled pattern, spots or rosettes of many different sizings. At Angeldust we endevour to breed large, striking and well defined rosettes whilst also keeping the other physical characteristics that make the Bengal cat unique. Whether the Bengal is brown, snow, silver or blue, these markings should contrast strongly with the background colour. Markings are not the only wild characteristic about the Bengal cat’s appearance. They are often larger than other domestic cats, with strong, muscular, athletic bodies, a straight facial profile, puffy whisker pads, large, round nocturnal eyes, thick tails that carry low and relatively small ears. These latter characteristics are what we breeders refer to as type and structure. It is all these traits put together that give the Bengal cat it’s wild look.


Bengals are highly intelligent, much more active and a lot more curious than most domestic cat breeds. A well socialised Bengal, from a knowledgeable breeder such as Angeldust, will be a confident, affectionate and loving companion who bonds with and loves socialising with his or her human family. They are athletic, fun loving cats and maintain their kitten-like energy throughout their adult lives. Yet, they are very graceful cats and are quite addictive to watch. As Bengals are a sociable breed, they tend not to fair well if everybody is out of the house all day, everyday, and, in this instance, we would recommend getting two.


When enquiring about a bengal kitten, please tell us a bit about yourself and the home you can offer one of our bengal kittens, including who lives at home, working hours, children etc. This helps us find you the best kitten for your household, activity levels and circumstances. Leaving a mobile number will ensure a quicker response, usually the same day. Email only enquiries will usually be responded to within 48 hours.